Precious Powell Couple Session

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Over 63 years ago, a BEAUTIFUL love story had it's start! Their love has remained true throughout the years; they hold each others hearts.

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Bi-vocational he has pastored for 70 years, along side him, she raise 3 wonderful children in addition to so many that they poured into as if they were their own!

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They have overcame so much in their time, and through sickness and health, she battled and beat cancer with him by her side! Along with Christ, he was her strength. Her love.


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They now have many beautiful grandchildren and SO many precious great grands!! Growing a garden, and loving people...they do it with excellence. They think church cannot happen if they are not there and are so incredibly committed!!

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Hallmark can't even write a love story like theirs. These two are an incredible inspiration and blessing to everyone they come in contact with. To know them, is to love them.

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Betti Caywood